Interactive system design, live generated images for the Opera

New York City -- Lincoln Center Festival -- July 2016

Paradise Interrupted is a Installation Opera. This opera blends Western and Chinese traditions in a poetic story that evokes both the stories of the Garden of Eden and the Peony Pavillion. The Opera, composed by Huang Ruo, directed and designed by Jennifer Wen Ma and with librettos by Ji Chao, follows a woman whose voice activates a world where her search for an unattainable ideal takes place.

For more information on the opera please visit the post on the world premiere 

Cokuyo is a software application I developed for this project which captures the soprano’s voice and analyzes it for vocal and emotional content. This analysis is then used to create and animate light particles which interact with the singers on stage. Not only are the images created by her voice but the way the move, the choices they make, how they move. They are emotionally tied to the soprano’s emotions. These images are then passed on to Austin Switser who uses them to create the final images and animations that are projected onto the stage.

The New York City premiere debuts the latest version of this system.

In addition to the voice activated projections I also worked with jewelry designer Xilun Wu to create custom 3d printed head pieces for the soprano’s wig

New York Premiere Team:

Composer Huang Ruo
Librettists Ji Chao, Jennifer Wen Ma, Huang Ruo, and Qian Yi
Director/Designer Jennifer Wen Ma
Inspired by Tang Xian Zu’s text
Conductor Wen-Pin Chien
Soprano Qian Yi
Tenor Yi Li
Countertenor John Holiday
Baritone Joo Won Kang

Bass-baritone Ao Li
Ensemble FIRE
Set Designer Matthew Hilyard
Interactive Video Designer Guillermo Acevedo
Video Designer Austin Switser
Lighting Designer Lihe Xiao
Costume Designers Melissa Kirgan, Xing-Zhen Chung-Hilyard
Choreographer Gwen Welliver