Installation - Guangzhou December 2013

6 hanging scrolls, video projection, ipad interface

A piece made for Audi during the Audi Innovation for Future Mobility in Guangzhou, China  with Jennifer Wen Ma. 
The piece is a projection on six hanging scrolls. 

Users approach a console with two ipads.

At the ipads they can choose which type of 3 minute trip they would like (future, present or past, to an urban destination or to an outside/ “nature” destination, and if they want a quick or leisurely pace).

The user’s choice is combined with current weather conditions (using real time data from the internet) and the movement of people in the room (a simple tracking + webcam system) generate the specific images that are displayed.

People also had the option to input their email address and receive a couple of snapshots of their trip as a souvenir.

I designed the system and did all of the coding except the iPad interface which was done by Wang Wei in Beijing. The installation was overseen by Cindy Ma (the Littlemeat studio manager in Beijing) and Dillon Li (an amazing Audio Visual Tech director)