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Custom software development, custom video player
Window Installation at the New York Mikimoto store during the 2014 Holiday Season

Fireflies dance over a paper garden creating an illusion of an underwater fairy tale.

Jennifer Wen Ma was tasked with creating the Holiday display for the Mikimoto store as a part of a larger partnership Mikimoto maintains with the Asian Cultural Council. We took inspiration from the installation Opera Paradise Interrupted we were working on. I used a version of Cocuyo, the software I created for the Opera, to generate the fireflies that we then projected on to the paper garden. I also designed the projection system and created a tiny video player to project these videos from a very small space within the wall.

Year of the motorcycle

Interactive movie

Commissioned by Progressive Insurance.  Video, cameras, and custom software.
Movement by the audience triggers different events in the movie, which are all gently combined. The movie reacts to the audience giving or not more of itself, depending on the audience’s participation. With Evan Raskob and T.R. Erickson.

Reproduction is Prohibited 

Interactive installation at Aqua Art during Art Basel week, Miami FL
December 2007

Interactive installation using cameras, video, and custom software. Reminiscent of Magritte’s painting by the same name, the installation is a mirror that does not display the viewers face, but the back of their heads, while everything else is reflected correctly.

Son(net) Subterfuge

The De Waag Society, New York, NY ~ Amsterdam, the Netherlands
April 10, 2004

Son(net) Subterfuge a collaborative project between artists in Amsterdam, Helsinki, and New York. At the basis of the project was an invitation to take one of Shakespeare’s sonnets and remix it as a sound, video, or dance piece. Contributed with audio performance, audio processing, sound engineering, and technical facilitation.

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